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Market observation: ceramic bathroom industry consolidation of future resources will intensify

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Insiders said that in such a resource integration era, and with the road to reasonable, also meet the needs of the development of the sanitary industry, between the professional manufacturers of bathroom products complement each other, but also contribute to faster development of industry.
From the Arrow Lehua ceramic represented into the ceramic tile production areas, to Jomoo and other hardware plumbing sanitary ceramics production enterprises to enter the field, more and more integration of resources across products has become a trend of the bath industry. The adjacent areas of production resources integration itself can remedy some shortcomings of the enterprise itself, learn from each other, their use in the professional field advantage. As to what kind of integration, how to integrate, depending on the needs of each enterprise itself and the basis of cooperation.
"We are currently in the store, the general by the manufacturers to come forward, and ceramics, lighting and other related industries to talk about the good product models and prices, and then directly to the relevant manufacturers from the manufacturers orders. We do not participate in cross industry profit distribution, but cross sectoral integration of resources, as a dealer service support." Bathroom lens general manager Wu Shaoxia said, cross sectoral integration, integration of resources within the industry, in recent years the trend is accelerating.