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Analysis: the overall development of the four changes in the bathroom industry

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With the development of sanitary ware industry, the overall bathroom has gradually begun to change the four - concept, role, production, division of labor.
Hand turned industry
In the past, consumers tend to pay attention to the toilet is the appearance, color, brand and so on, whether the water is not too concerned about. The superiority of water-saving sanitary ware and environmental protection to occupy the irreplaceable position in the market, while the traditional water-based sanitation fittings will be forced to withdraw from the market, forcing traditional standard ware out.
According to the bath materials have a common sub plate bathtub, acrylic bathtub, cast iron bathtub, 3.5mm thick steel plate types of bath. In general, acrylics bath will not rust, will not be eroded and is very light, the bathtub consists of a sheet material made of glass fiber, usually below the vacuum gauge, method of treatment, its thickness from 3mm to 10mm, has the advantages of warm touch, can longer maintain the water temperature, and easy to clean and try. The tub is hard and durable, with a porcelain or enamel surface. The bathtub is usually made of steel from 1.5mm to 3mm thick, generally thicker and stronger. Cast iron bathtub is a very heavy and durable materials, its surface is generally higher than the steel enamel bath on thin, clean the tub when you can not use detergent containing abrasive composition, the bath water is disadvantage will quickly become cold.
Finished product steering
All along, the traditional bathroom as an integral part of finished furniture, plays a supporting role in the home. The finished furniture advocated by the "style", because of the lack of space for various "tailor", easy to cause the space utilization is not reasonable, it became the "fatal flaws", thus gave birth to the emergence and prosperity of the whole bathroom manufacturing enterprises. Custom bathroom, the biggest advantage is that it can fully and effectively use the effective space, to meet the needs of consumers personalized, personalized. It can be designed according to the needs of the subscribers, increasing the style, color, material and other aspects of the choice.
Customized from the finished products to the overall bathroom manufacturing enterprises have brought a vigorous vitality.
Extensive turn fine
The whole bathroom looks very simple structure, but a lot of knowledge.
Now on the market as a whole bathroom, it is suitable for young people at home atmosphere, the overall bathroom door.
Changes in the market in the past 10 years can be seen, hardware sanitary industry division from extensive to fine, exquisite degree of specialization cannot be mention in the same breath compared with the past.
Single turn overall
Traditional methods of making a single bathroom, simple style, but for practical, to meet the needs of the home can no longer meet the needs of modern people. The overall wardrobe, in the last century in 80s has become one of the essential furniture in Europe and the United states. In China, although the overall bathroom has recently been able to rapid development, but the overall process and speed is not inferior to Europe and the United states. With the improvement of people's living standard Chinese, consumer choice of bathroom on a more level, from the initial focus on the beautiful appearance is beautiful, until now insist on environmental health, fashion taste, doomed the whole bathroom will become a hot consumer China family.
"Single shift overall" concept, with the promotion of the industry, as the ripples quickly from the center of the city to urban expansion and spread, ultimately rooted in every people's heart.