Interpretation of the overall bathroom


In the bathroom market, the overall bathroom is not a new concept, but in the case of the overall bathroom has not yet formed a mainstream, there are still people on the overall understanding of the bathroom there is an important misunderstanding.
The whole bathroom is not a patchwork of individual products
Some people think, a toilet, washbasin, bathtub is the whole bathroom. People used to buy individual sanitary products -- American toilet and washbasin, Germany Italy shower faucet, bathtub, bath cabinet Chinese. But this can not be regarded as a whole bathroom bathroom. How to coordinate the Chinese style and Western style? How to unify the classical and the modern? Only one kind of color or the three?. There is always so much disharmony between the bathroom that has not been designed.
The whole bathroom is not a Japanese style plastic box"
Because the Japanese living environment is very crowded, it must be all the bathroom facilities placed in the narrow space of one or two square meters, and the emergence of the so-called plastic molding the whole bathroom, it is mainly reflected in the overall overall molded chassis. It has the function of waterproof and leakage proof. The bathroom and the lack of personalized, waterproof chassis size is too large, the future out after hard for disposal, does not conform to the concept of environmental protection. This' plastic box 'can not be regarded as the true sense of the overall bathroom.
What is the real overall bathroom
The whole bathroom independent health unit function washing, bathing, dressing, toileting etc is in limited space. It is with the overall frame of the integrated waterproof chassis, panel, top cover, and sanitary ware, bathroom furniture, shower screen, bathtub, faucet, shower, tile accessories are integrated into the overall environment in a. The design of any single bathroom products must be integrated into a unified style of the overall environment, and this is the essence of custom bathroom. The city network
The whole bathroom is a new trend of modern consumption, to achieve the double life needs to enjoy from the spirit of joy, with modern bathroom bath, leisure, health, fashion, warm and sweet in one of the experience for consumers.